Magic Alley Ghost Hunt – £49 (Max 14 participants)

Magic Alley

booknow A ghost hunt at the only remains of the 450 year old famous White Lion Inn, now number 21 Henley Street and ‘Magic Alley’. A famous Stratford museum well known for its mysterious paranormal activity. This is your chance to ghost hunt at this amazingly historic and haunted location with a small and exclusive group.

The Magic Alley Ghost Hunt includes:

  • Ghost Tour of the building
  • Mediumship and Equipment workshops
  • Mediumship walkround – who haunts tonight?
  • Psychic and Ghost Hunting Equipment
  • Experiments including seances and glass divination
  • Ghost Hunting Vigils in the dark
  • Hot Drinks and Biscuits
  • Expert advice and discussion about the paranormal
  • Your chance to stay in a haunted museum at night!

The 3 story building has held its position on the Stratford skyline for over 450 years. There are records of buildings on the site from the early 1100’s when Stratford was first established. It is said John Shakespeare himself passed through the doors of the White Lion Inn to celebrate the birth of his son, a certain William Shakespeare, ordering himself a flagon of ale!

In its former glory the White Lion Inn was the largest coaching inn in Europe, stretching from Windsor Street to Shakespeare’s Birthplace, and from Henley Street to Guild Street. The inn would have witnessed many births, deaths and marriages. It would also have been an ideal meeting place. And with links to secret societies and even royalty, who knows what plots were masterminded within it walls?

In the year 1564, the year William Shakespeare was born, the plague struck Stratford. Many of Stratford’s residents were killed by this disease, including Williams own sisters. It is thought some of the souls lost to the plague still wander the rooms and corridors of 21 Henley Street.

During the English reformation it became illegal to practise Catholicism and religious practises had to be carried out in secret. This led to the construction of priest holes. Magic Alley maintains its own priest hole on the top floor of its 3 stories, within the Enchanted Forest exhibit. Between 1642 and 1651, England saw the rise of the Civil War. The White Lion Inn was ultimately a parliamentarian stronghold, with troops billeted there before, during and after the battle of Edgehill. So heavily is the civil war link to the building that modern day visitors have experienced a “very strong presence” from that era

From then on the Inn became infamous around the land! Several visitors, including the rich and famous and royalty, left accounts of their visit. George Alexander Stevens (a famous comic actor), David Garrick (another actor), John Byng (The Viscount Torrington) and the Prince Regent (Later George IV) to name a few, all visited the building.

During our Magic Alley Ghost Hunt you will uncover the history and hauntings of this amazing location. There are a number of ‘dominant’ spirits said to be active in the property: a barman poisoned by the landlord associated with the unexplained smell of hops; a man with a handlebar moustache; a Georgian lady wearing a lilac and white dress; a young child who watches visitors on the stairs; maids scurrying across a landing through a door no longer present; two young boys, possibly brothers?.

Please note: Over 18s only – no pregnant women allowed and attendees must be reasonably fit. No accommodation provided. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.


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