Christmas Warwick Castle Ghost Walk – SOLD OUT

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Fright Nights returns to Warwick Castle for the Christmas season for a special ghost walk in one of the castle’s most haunted locations! It is an incredibly active location that in recent months have proven to be more active than its reputation!  The Warwick Castle Ghost Walk includes:

  • Costumed Ghost tour of Warwick Castle with a Christmas twist

After one thousand, one hundred years of making history, the immense strength and proportions of Warwick Castle make it a formidable sight for any visitor.

William the Conqueror built the first castle at Warwick, in 1068. Over the years the castle was gradually rebuilt in stone, and by the late 14th century Thomas de Beauchamp had finished an extensive building programme that transformed the defences of the castle, adding the huge gatehouse and barbican and two massive towers that still dominate the castle today.

The Wars of the Roses which began in the 1450’s had a lot to do with Warwick Castle. Warwick Castle under Richard Neville, supported the Yorkists and when the Yorkists won in 1461, Henry VI conferred the title of Earl of Warwick on Richard Neville in recognition of his services to the King.

The castle’s interiors were completely transformed in Jacobean times when Sir Fulke Greville, a poet and statesman, made Warwick Castle into a luxurious palace. Several subsequent remodellings and restorations have resulted in a display of quality and splendour that could match any stately home.

The ghost of Sir Fulke Greville still haunts the tower where he resided at Warwick Castle and to this day the tower is locally known as “The Ghost Tower”. According to legend, his ghost appears from the portrait hanging over the fire place in the study and walks about the rooms in the tower.

Other ghosts include an old servant who cursed the castle after being sacked. She appears as a large black dog that roams the castle battlements. Over the years many people have witnessed ghostly activity, mysterious footsteps have been heard pacing the corridors of the castle and during World War I, the footsteps were witnessed literally walking through an American gentleman.

It’s probably no surprise to hear that the great mount of Warwick Castle is reportedly on a ley line that stretches from Herefordshire to Clopton Hill. Along the line is a series of hauntings but the concentration seems to be focused at Warwick Castle.

Fright Nights are now offering YOU the chance to take part in a Warwick Castle Ghost Walk at one of England’s most haunted locations.

Address: Warwick Castle, Warwick, CV34 4QU

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